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the annual brew con london club night is the stuff of legend. 

over a dozen homebrew clubs from across the uk and beyond gathered in one space to share their best brews!

limited capacity so sign up WHEN YOU BUY YOUR TICKET.

brew con london '21 club night

how does it work?
BrewCon Club Night has always been the crowning glory of BrewCon. A chance for homebrewers to share their finest brews with one another, showcase their latest New England IPAs, flex their Barleywine muscle and sample a dozen different Imperial Stouts. Any Club from the UK or beyond can sign up to claim a table from which to pour their brews. How they wish to decorate or adorn the bar is up to them. Some clubs have been known to bring portable mobile bars, some have installed temporary 

who can come?
Everyone who buys a ticket for BrewCon London '21, for any of the three sessions, is entitled to attend BrewCon Club Night - you don't have to belong to a homebrew club. Capacity for Club Night is limited however, and spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


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