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3:00pm - KEYNOTE TALK 
3:30pm - "Fermentation Fervour"
Roman Hochuli, Head Brewer, Solvay Society
Solvay Society are well known for bringing quality Belgian inspired beer to the London and UK beer scene. Join head brewer & owner Roman Hochuli as we discusses in depth how to get the best from your fermentation.
4:00pm - "How do you like them apples?"
Susanna Forbes, co-founder Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery, editor, Full Juice
Susanna Forbes not only founded Little Pomona but has also written books on cider & cider making. She is considered one of the UK's leading voices on the matter and will be talking us through getting started with cider!
4:30pm - "The Science of Mashing"
Carl Heron, Crisp Malt
Crisp Malt are one of the UK's leading malt producers. Carl Heron, sales manager for Crisp, will explain for us exactly what is occurring within our mash tuns during that pivotal step of the brew process.
5:00pm - WORKSHOP "Is it mead you're looking for?"
Tom Gosnell, Owner Gosnell's Meadery
We're very happy to have Tom return to BREW CON London! This year Tom is getting hands on and will be showing us live how he turns sweet, sweet honey into glorious mead.
5:30pm - "Hop Flavour & flavour mirroring"
Christoffer Tuominen, Head Brewer, Two Tribes Brewery
Christoffer Tuominen knows his way around hops, as showed by Two Tribes range of great session & standard strength IPAs. He will talk on how to bring out the best from your hops and find the perfect flavour & aroma profile.
6:00pm - "Oxygen, friend or foe?"
Francesco Antonelli, BJCP Judge
Francesco Antonelli is a highly respected Italian beer judge. He is travelling all the way from Rome to discuss the pros & cons of introducing oxygen throughout the brewing process. 
6:30pm - "Writing a Master Level BJCP Scoresheet"
Omer Basha, BJCP Master Beer Judge
Looking to rise through the ranks of the BJCP? Join Omer Basha, Europe's highest ranked beer judge, as he talks us through giving Master level feedback when judging, sampling or even just sharing beer. Sign Up for CEP points.
7:00pm - WORKSHOP "Beer Judge Taste-Along"
Jane Price & Rich Caller
Rich & Jane are two pillars of the UK homebrew community. Join them as they analyse and score a home brewed beer together with the audience, discussing the merits & flaws of the beer. Sign Up for CEP points.
7:30pm - "The British Homebrewers Association"
Panel Talk hosted by Simon Pipola, BREW CON Founder
Join BREW CON founder Simon Pipola, together with a panel of leading voices in the UK home brew community, to discuss the need and manner of forming a new British Homebrewers Association.

sour SATURDAYS theatre

tempus project barrelstore

3:30pm - "From Home Brewer to Pro Blender"
Charlotte Freeston, Tempus Project Senior Brewer
Charlotte Freeston has risen through the ranks of Beavertown to the evitable position of being in charge of their Tempus Project. join her as she talks us through what it takes to run one of the UK's best sour beer programs.
4:00pm - "Berliner-Weisse, Weisse, Baby"
Dan Wye, Brewer Double-Barrelled Brewery
New kids on the block Double Barrelled Brewery have already made a strong name for themselves. Join Dan Wye as he discusses one of his favourite styles, Berliner Weisse.
4:30pm - "Making mixed-ferm beers on (very) small scale"
Josh Smith, The Evening Brews
Josh Smith is a permanent feature at home brew award ceremonies across the UK. In 2018 he won the prestigious Thornbridge / Waitrose homebrew comp. He'll be talking us through his small scale sour beer program.
5:00pm - "Lambic & Guerze: the process & the bugs"
Jacques Marais, London Amateur Brewers
Lambic - the Champagne of beer! Jacques Marais is a member of LAB and knows a thing or two about bugs. He will be delving into exactly what makes lambic & guerze so unique and so sought after!
5:30pm - "In Sour We Trust"
Joon Chung, Beer Boars East London
Joon Chung is a two times Gold Medal winner for his sour beers at the BREW CON World Series. Join him as he talks us through the different methods of souring beer, and reveals his top sour production tips.