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12:30pm - "Substance before style; alternative ways to use your yeast"
Andrew Paterson, Lallemands Yeast
Andy, and Lallemands, have been a staple of BREW CON. This year we will talk in depth about yeast manipulation can yield unexpected results. 
1:00pm - "Water Treatment 101"
James Wilson, London Amateur Brewers
James was Champion Brewer "BREW CON World Series I" and puts a lot of his prowess down to knowing exactly what's in his water. Join as we discuss how to treat the oft neglected ingredient, H2O.
1:30pm - WORKSHOP "Perfect Packaging Demo"
Alix Shaw, Packaging Wizard, Wild Card Brewery
Alix is a self proclaimed Beer fairy, co-founder & communications guru of Crafty Beer Girls, and packaging wizard. She'll be demonstrating live best packaging procedures when bottling & when canning.
2:00pm - "Malty-Coloured Beer"
Erica Kintz, Muntons Malt
Erica will be delving into the world of coloured malts with us. We'll be discussing ways to taste your malt as well as the production and flavour profile of various malts and how they influence the flavour & colour of your wort.
2:30pm - "The Haze-makers: Wet Yeast for NEIPA"
Troels Prahl, White Labs Yeast
White Labs is one of the worlds foremost manufacturers of wet yeast. Join Troel, from White Labs Copenhagen, as he talks about the recent craze for hazy yeasts and the beers they ferment.
3:00pm - "Make Mine a Mild"
Des De Moor, Beer Writer
Des is a beer writer, tour guide, walk leader, tutored tasting host and Accredited Beer Sommelier based in London. Join him as takes us on a trip down the lanes of history of one of Britains most iconic beers.
3:30pm - "Top of the Hops"
Will Longmate, Simply Hops
Will is one of the brewing industries true gems. A fountain of knowledge of all things beer, he will be sharing with us the latest from the every changing world of hops. Like a young, hoppy, Santa watch out for his bag of goodies!
4:00pm - "Future brewing. Where could it go?"
Dr. Keith Thomas, Brew Lab
Dr. Keith is a renown microbiologist who established Brew Lab in 1986 to work alongside small breweries. He'll be giving us a summary of some of the technical developments in the brewing pipeline, with a focus on microbiology.
4:30pm - WORKSHOP "Beer Judge Taste-Along"
Jane Price & Rich Caller
Rich & Jane are two pillars of the UK homebrew community. Join them as they analyse and score a home brewed beer together with the audience, discussing the merits & flaws of the beer. Sign Up for CEP points.
5:00pm - "Stout it out loud"
Joe Kearns, White Hag Brewery
Joe Kearns is the Brewmaster at White Hag Brewery (sponsors of this years World Series III Grand prize). Taking Ireland, and beyond, by storm White Hag is producing supple IPAs, complex sours and the finest stout you've ever tasted!
5:30pm - "BREW CON World Series III" Award Ceremony
As per usual we will wrap up proceedings with the Award Ceremony for this years BREW CON World Series III - who will be crowned 'World Series Champion Brewer' and who will win "Best Beer of BREW CON'?!

 BJCP theatre

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1:00pm - "Czech Yourself, brewing Czech Lagers"
Rob Gallagher, 'World Series II Best Beer' Winner 
Rob was crowned winner of 'Best Beer of BREW CON' last year for his world class example of Czech Premium Pale Lager. Join him as he shares his secrets (#spoilers - they may include marrying a Czech wife). Sign up for CEP points.
1:30pm - "Best practice for placing in comps"
Robbie Gaston, Beer Boars West London
Robbie Gaston is a prolific home brew award winner. From delicately balanced NEIPAs to big, bold Imperial Stouts he can turn his hand to many styles. He'll be sharing some top tips and insights into how to approach comps!
2:00pm - "Judging Wild Beers"
Francesco Antonelli, BJCP Judge
Need to learn your Brett from your Bugs? Want to know what's sour, what's acetic & what is just plain off? Come and join Italian homebrew judge Francesco Antonelli as we dissect the world of wild ale. Sign up for CEP points.
2:30pm - "If you like a lot of homebrew, join a club!"
Emma Victory, Junction Brew Club
Junction Brew Club was set up in 2017 and quickly established itself as one of the best organised & informative clubs in London. Co-founder Emma Victory will talk us through some thoughts & ideas when setting up a club!
3:00pm - "Running a local HB Competition"
Sarah Pantry, Organiser Welsh Nationals
Sarah Pantry needs to introduction, a stalwart supporter of the UK homebrew scene. Sarah organises the Welsh Nationals and will share with us the reasons, benefits & potential problems of running a BJCP home brew competition.
3:30pm - WORKSHOP "Off Flavour Training" 
Andrew Paterson, Lallemands Yeast
Join Andrew Paterson as we host an off flavour tasting course, focusing on three of the most common faults found in homebrew:  Diacetyl, Oxidsation & Acetaldehyde.
CEP points available - Sign Up is obligatory for this Workshop.