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Terms & Conditions of Sale

Updated 4th July 2023


By purchasing tickets to BrewCon either directly via our Box Office or via a third-party ticket agent, you agree to accept the following terms and conditions. BrewCon is produced by Swift Half Enterprises Ltd. BrewCon only accepts responsibility for tickets bought from BrewCon-managed sales points. Any queries regarding tickets purchased from ticket agents must be directed back to the relevant ticketing agent. If you have any queries or complaints regarding your purchase of tickets from third parties, please contact them directly.

BrewCon 2023 takes place in and around Hackney Brewery and Wildcard Brewery, in Walthamstow, London. Be advised that this is a ‘standing’ exhibition event. While seating will be provided for the Talk Theatre, such available seating is unreserved.

If any dispute arises out of these Terms and Conditions, we will attempt to settle it. We will acknowledge all customer correspondence within 24 hours and we shall use our reasonable endeavours to consult or negotiate in good faith, and attempt to reach a just and equitable settlement satisfactory to both parties within 5 working days.

Placing an Order & Alterations

No order will be accepted until we have received full payment in cleared funds. We reserve the right to cancel any booking which we reasonably suspect to have been made fraudulently.

There is a 48 hour “cooling off” period which starts from the time of purchase. Any requests from the ticket holder to alter their ticket booking or purchase including the date, time, quantity of tickets of items, mailing address, and session, can be made free of charge within this 48 hour window, subject to availability. BrewCon reserves the right to refuse alteration requests made after the 48 hour window has passed. If you notice an error with your transaction please contact the box office as soon as possible.

Event Timing

Sessions will begin at the stated time on the ticket and end at the designated time. Your ticket grants you access only to the specified BrewCon session, and is non-transferable to other sessions. We ask attendees to observe this carefully to help us manage capacities safely.

Ticket holders may only leave and re-enter the venue during a session at the discretion of the management of the venue.

Your ticket guarantees you entry to the named event only at the time listed only, and is non-transferable to other performances of the same event, or other events within the Festival programme.

Every attempt will be made to keep to the BrewTalk running schedule, but ticket holders should be aware that the lineup and timings may change at short notice due to circumstances beyond BrewCon’s control.

If the Event has to be interrupted or abandoned, no money will be refunded where more than half the Session has taken place.

Your Tickets

BrewCon tickets are electronic or “Print At Home”. Ticket holders must bring with them EITHER a printed paper copy of their ticket or an electronic device which allows the ticket to be clearly visible and the barcode scanned. Ticket holders must show their ticket on arrival at the venue. In the interests of sustainability, BrewCon asks ticket holders to use a smartphone or other digital device to display their ticket wherever possible.

BrewCon reserves the right to check the identity of the ticket holders when collecting tickets from the box office or upon attempting to enter a performance venue. Ticket holders must bring the payment card used to purchase the tickets and/or photographic ID with them upon arrival, or let us know in writing in advance if the tickets will be collected by another party.


Unless given express permission in writing by BrewCon, tickets may not be resold or transferred. Any ticket found to have been resold will be cancelled immediately and no refunds issued.

BrewCon reserves the right to refuse to sell tickets to anyone they believe to be purchasing for the purposes of resale.

Battle of the Brews Flights

“Flights” can be purchased in advance of the event and exchanged on-site for tokens. 

Each flight can be exchanged for six (6) tokens, and each token can be exchanged for 1/3rd of a Pint of any Battle of the Brews Festival Beer.

Flights are purchased specifically for the “Afternoon” or “Evening” session, which is clearly stated at the point of purchase and on the receipt. Flights purchased for one session cannot be transferred to another session, and each session has distinct tokens, in order to ensure that attendees at both sessions have full access to a range of Festival beers.

Tokens can not be exchanged for cash. Tokens cannot be used at the Hackney Brewery Taproom or the Wild Card Taproom, and can only be exchanged for festival beers.

Safety & Security

BrewCon reserves the right to refuse admission of the ticket holder to the event, and/or eject them from the event immediately, and/or take further necessary action if they are disruptive, abusive, violent, aggressive, threatening, intoxicated, under the influence of, or in possession of, illegal substances, or commit any act that is deemed as harassment (verbal, physical, sexual), bullying, intimidating, discriminatory, offensive, dangerous to themselves, others around them, or the material of the venue, contrary to the Licensing Objectives & venue license conditions, or disruptive of the event for others. No refunds will be issued to the ticket holder in any of the above circumstances.

BrewCon reserves the right to conduct security searches and ID checks on entry to the venue and anytime thereafter to ensure the safety of patrons.

BrewCon is an adults only event. If a ticket holder is under age, they will not be allowed in – whether they have a valid ticket or otherwise. No refunds will be given.

The following are not permitted on site:

  • laser pens, fireworks, flares, smoke bombs

  • your own food and drink;

  • bottles, cans or glass containers brought from external sources;

  • any item which may be interpreted as a potential weapon including sharp or pointed objects (e.g. knives); and

  • illegal or flammable substances.


BrewCon does not accept any liability for the content or perceived quality of any Talks, Exhibitors or beers.

In the event of any query, please get in touch at We have daily email assistance and aim to acknowledge all queries within 24 hours. 

Refunds & Cancellation

All ticket sales, merchandise, memberships, & donations are final at the point of purchase and are non-refundable. Ticket sales can only be refunded in the event of cancellation of the Event.

Refunds will not be issued to the ticket holder if the purchaser can no longer attend the performance after booking, has arrived late, or for any other reason.

Code of Conduct

To ensure the safety and comfort of our participants, all Exhibitors, Staff & Guests must act in accordance with the Brew Con Code Of Conduct:

  • All forms of discrimination, intentional or otherwise, will be treated with a zero tolerance policy. Participants at BrewCon are expected to treat all other participants with respect, kindness and professionalism.

  • BrewCon takes place at two busy, working Breweries. Participants must remain aware of this at all times, treat the staff respectfully, and be mindful that they are continuing their jobs throughout the event.

  • While alcohol is inherently a part of the event, all participants consuming any must drink responsibly. You are responsible for your own levels of intoxication and anyone who becomes a liability to themselves, others, or the event in general will be asked to leave. All the usual licensing requirements associated with the sale of alcohol will be strictly enforced, and BrewCon will defer to the venue duty managers’ decision should they deem anyone to be exceeding them.

  • Your ticket gains Guests entry to the specific session(s) for which they have booked. Guests should follow the instructions of staff carefully, taking special care to ensure they do not trespass into non-public areas or attempt to gain entry to sessions for which they have not paid. Disrespect towards any staff will not be tolerated and you may be asked to leave.

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